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Mold flux in continuous casting process


1. The main function of the flux
v Stable continuous casting process to ensure that it goes smoothly.
v Improve the surface and subcutaneous quality of the slab.

2. The role of mold flux
In the crystallizer, the protective slag is melted by the heat provided by the molten steel to form a three-layer structure, a slag layer, a sintered layer, and a liquid slag layer.
2.2.1 Insulation and heat preservation in the crystallizer
The thermal insulation effect of the mold flux on the molten steel surface in the crystallizer is mainly achieved by protecting the thickness and physical properties of the particle layer. Main defense the temperature at the molten steel crust and the meniscus in the mold is too low, causing the surface of the slab to be mixed with the skin.
2.2.2 Prevent secondary oxidation of molten steel
The role of the flux in preventing the secondary oxidation of the molten steel in the crystallizer is mainly achieved by protecting the slag liquid slag layer. Usually liquid slag in the mold the layer thickness is in the range of 6-15mm. When the liquid level is stable and the nozzle insertion depth is reasonable, it can play a good role in isolating the air.
2.2.3 Mold flux has the function of absorbing floating inclusions in molten steel
The mold flux should have the ability to absorb the floating inclusions in the molten steel, especially the inclusions at the meniscus in the crystallizer, which should be promptly the slag is assimilated.
2.2.4 Mold flux should have the function of controlling heat transfer
Controlling heat transfer is one of the most important properties of mold flux, which plays an important role in the output of the caster and the surface quality of the cast slab.
2.2.5 Mold flux should have good lubrication
The lubricating property of the mold flux is one of the most important properties of the mold flux. Lubrication refers to the liquid lubrication of the slag film between the shell of the mold and the wall of the mold.

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