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Modulation principle of slurry used for refractory brick


    Brickwork with refractory slurry should follow the following principles:
    (1) to deal with all kinds of refractory slurry pre experiment and pre laying brick front, confirm the bonding time, different mud initial setting time, consistency and water;
    (2) Modulation of different mud to use different instruments, and timely cleaning;
    (3) Modulation is not homogeneous slurry to use clean water, water should be accurate weighing, blending uniformly, adjusted with the use. Have good hydraulicity and modulation of hard mud shall not add water use, has the initial setting of mud may not continue to use the;
    (4) Modulation with phosphate mud to ensure refractory material time trapped provisions, with the use of post set, well modulated mud arbitrarily diluted with water. This kind of mud for corrosive shall not be in direct contact with the metal shell.
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