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MgO-C bricks for converter


Different seemingly different use effects are different, converter work is not the same, the effect is the same.

The lining constantly has hot slag ports and withstands the impact of molten steel. The high temperature resistance and high temperature resistance state of the hot furnace mouth must be brushed with the hot blast furnace material of the hot melting furnace, and the materials of the furnace and the furnace can be easily hung, and it can be easily Clean quickly. The aggressiveness of hot coal ash, as well as the severe erosion due to heat and cold, and the action of lime soil due to carbon emissions, have produced strong antioxidant activity and coal ash erosive and anti-spalling properties of carbon refractory bricks.

Magnesium-magnesium has high-performance high-performance components, as well as high-performance components, and has the ability to use, so high-strength carbon bricks with metal resistance design are usually studied, and the high-temperature strength of magnesia carbon bricks when the metal temperature is reduced is the addition of metal. The lowest content of the mixture of aluminum and silicate, and at high temperature, high temperature high lining metal material, high temperature slag high viscosity. And the cross-phase phase is most affected by slag corrosion and has the most carbon content. Therefore, it is necessary to build a lead slag line with good slag resistance and activity, and a nickel-carbon furnace with three carbon content is required.

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