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Mechanism analysis of stripping defects in furnace lining


A. The lining of the slag generated by water vapor
If the moisture content of the furnace lining material is too high or damp, the preforms and the coil slurry are newly exchanged and have not been completely baked to drain the moisture. When the lining is knotted and sintered, the temperature is too fast or the mold is not set. The venting hole will cause a large amount of water vapor generated in the lining of the lining to be quickly discharged and pressurized, and finally the surface of the sintered layer of the lining is broken and the surface layer of the lining of the lining is peeled off and peeled off.

B. Furnace lining peeling caused by mechanical damage
In the initial stage of sintering of the first furnace, the sintered layer has not yet established an excessively strong strength and the thickness is insufficient. If the bulk charge is added to the furnace, the furnace will be forced to hit the furnace lining, which will easily cause the furnace lining to be "forced" to peel off.

C. Furnace lining peeling caused by different expansion coefficients
This phenomenon often occurs when the hot side of the lining is joined by molten iron and non-wetting. The interface between the infiltrated hot lining and the uninfiltrated cold lining interface changes in the thermal cycle, resulting in interface separation due to the difference in expansion coefficient.

D. The lining peeling caused by the rapid change of heat and cold
Rapid changes in hot and cold temperature, exceeding the thermal shock resistance of the lining and the comprehensive cracking ability

E. Stress-induced lining peeling
This situation usually occurs at the bottom of the furnace. In the middle and late life of the lining, the lining is eroded around the lining. When the bottom of the lining is not flat, the lining is heated and the expansion stress will cause the lining to burst and peel.

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