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Measures to solve refractory brick damage (2)


    On the other hand, hanging up and maintain kiln coating. We suggest taking the following measures.
    1. For kiln operation training and guidance. Before firing, give the workers a training about kiln operation. Clearly pointed out that in any case, hang up and maintain good kiln crust is mainly the responsibility of kiln. At the same time about operating method under different conditions to them, in the actual operation, according to the kiln to give operation guidance and comments in a timely manner, to carry out technical exchanges between operations, and constantly improve the technological level of operation.
    2. Coal spraying pipe should be put in the proper position which tending to the lowr side is the best.
    3. Improving technology level.
    4. Proper proportioning solution: the quantity of liquid phase resistance is suitable in 22-24%. Too low is not easy to hang kiln skin, too much can narrow the range of sintering temperature, silicate minerals reduce, not conducive to the operation and improve the quality of clinker.
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