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Measures to solve refractory brick damage (1)


    After analyzing mechanism and causes of refractory brick damage, then we can take corresponding countermeasure and measure according to these reasons to reduce the damage, so as to achieve purpose of extending service life of refractory brick.
    According to the explanation of our technical staff, we know the cause of refractory brick physical damage and chemical damage ash and kiln skin erosion thin, mechanical damage and the refractory brick masonry quality. That is to say to extend the service life of refractory bricks in burning zone, in addition to select suitable suppliers, shall be laid a good grasp of building quality, maintain the skin at the kiln during operation. The specific measures taken are as the following two aspects.
    On the one hand, maintaining the quality of laying refractory brick.
    1. Cement ratio and dilute the appropriate thick. Specific detection method is easy to spread the cement shop into the brick, and can not flow. Too thick is not easy to spread too thin, is easy to flow; two is in a brick on the fire clay, pressure on another brick slightly strong kneading, and then lift up the brick body, the brick below belt, that the proper proportion of cement.
    2. The front of refractory brick to be close to the cylinder. Between the brick and the cylinder body cannot pad fireclay and other debris. In the pool of fireclay brick, in front stretcher rectangular to leave 1-2 cm position does not stand in the cement, upward pressure brick, end close to the cylinder pressure to the fireclay, knead move, make cement covered the face brick, a small amount of excess cement extruded from the bricks and the small end of the big two, brick end matter stick cylinder. Brick joints cannot be greater than 1.5mm. Check brick facet, row not up, wrapping phenomenon.
    3. The top tight top bar. In half of the circumference of the masonry, with top carry to brick top tight, rotary kiln bricks on the other half of the week, when the top bar must be the top tight. Some cube material should be laid between brick and the top bar, to avoid damage of refractory brick. Method to check whether the roof top bar tension is, when the top bar with the rotation of the cylinder to check the cylinder top brick not flagging lock position, if the sagging phenomenon, in the kiln and kiln refractory during the relative displacement caused by mechanical damage to the refractory brick.
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