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Measures to improve the life of AOD furnace lining


The AOD furnace operates under harsh high temperature conditions for a long time. In addition to the variety and quality of refractory materials, the life of the furnace lining is also related to the number, distribution and injection process of air guns, as well as the temperature and time of the final oxidation stage of molten steel. Factors such as construction quality, repair method, baking test system and the interval time between two furnaces also have a certain relationship. In order to prolong the life of the furnace lining, the following measures can be taken:

(1) When producing refractory materials, high-quality and high-purity raw materials should be selected, and the formula should be optimized, high-pressure molding, and high-temperature firing;

(2) The corrosion loss of AOD furnace lining is mainly concentrated around the tuyere, slag line and trunnion, so comprehensive masonry technology can be used to improve the life of the furnace lining and save costs;

(3) The erosion of the refractory material around the tuyere area is mainly caused by the retreat of the incoming airflow, so the pressure and flow of the airflow should be appropriately increased to slow down this airflow retreat phenomenon;

(4) Appropriately reduce the maximum temperature of blowing;

(5) Strictly control the composition of the slag to maintain the high basicity of the slag, especially when using magnesia dolomite refractories; (6) Use appropriate gunning measures to improve the life of the furnace lining.

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