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Masonry of RH furnace


Masonry sequence: insert pipe masonry pouring, bottom masonry, middle masonry, chute, material hole, electrode hole masonry, top masonry, bottom welding, middle connection, top connection.

Insert pipe pouring

1) Masonry of riser. Place the steel plate horizontally and brush with oil. Dry the first ring of magnesium chrome bricks, control the flatness of the refractory brick ring and the flange; place the insertion tube steel shell on the flat plate, the brick ring is concentric with the steel structure flange, the first and second ring bricks are built in the steel shell , Install the first row of argon tubes, then build the third ring of bricks, and complete the second row of argon tubes; the gap between the brick ring and the steel shell is filled with castable, insert the support ring of the ring brick on the castable and Welded with steel shell; install external formwork, pouring material pouring construction outer wall of rising pipe.

2) The construction of the descending arm is similar to that of the ascending pipe, there is no argon pipe installation process, and the other construction methods are the same as the ascending pipe.

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