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Main damage factors of EAF refractory materials


In general, the main damage factors of EAF refractory are: erosion, oxidation, erosion, melting, stripping and hydration, among which oxidation and chemical erosion and erosion dominate.

1. Chemical erosion: chemical reaction between iron oxide (FeO) or acidic components in slag, such as SiO2 with CaO and MgO.

2. Oxidation: it is one of the main reasons for the corrosion of refractory materials in the lining of electric furnace. In the process, the carbon components in the refractory materials are oxidized by oxygen-containing components (such as iron oxide, oxygen and magnesium oxide), resulting in the material falling off and damaged.

3. Erosion or mechanical impact: physical damage is caused by the flow of molten steel or slag over the surface of the refractory material and physical wear or erosion of the furnace lining. Erosion at the outlet, slag line, electrode outlet or exhaust platform of the electric furnace is the most common. Peeling is a complex of recurrence of refractory damage mechanism, which is caused by the lining refractory suffered rapid heating and cooling stress caused by the refractory, the stress is often more than the strength of the refractory material, resulting in crack through the intersection and lining pieces will flake or fall off completely, this kind of circumstance commonly occurring on the furnace top.

4. Hydration: is a factor in the failure of electrical furnace refractories. In the process of use, it is easy to penetrate into the furnace cover or furnace wall, and water or water vapor can erode the lining of the refractories, in which magnesium oxide (or other basic oxides) reacts with water (or water vapor) and is hydrated.Requirements for the masonry BOF lining bricks

The masonry quality of converter lining is the foundation of furnace life. Therefore, first of all, the quality of lining brick itself must conform to the standard; Then in strict accordance with the technical operation procedures masonry, to achieve the overall quality standard requirements.

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