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Low Cement Castable is More Widely Used in Aluminum Industry Than Before


    With the development of aluminum industry, the refractory material for aluminum alloy melting furnace and holding furnace has been changed from phosphate combined high alumina brick to low cement castable which can prevent molten aluminum permeate refractory products. At the same time, it can extend service life of refractory material at high temperature.
    When comes to the heating surface of aluminum, aluminum alloy melting furnace and holding furnace, the low cement castable has taken place of the phosphate combined with high alumina brick. The reasons are as bellow, there is smaller pore size in the structure of low cement castable, molten aluminum and aluminum alloy cannot permeate refractory easily. It can avoid the oxide in refractory restoring from aluminum. At the same time, the low cement castable possesses high wear resistance. In recent years, as the low cement castable uses molten aluminum as additive, which increase the wetting agent, so the performance has been improved. This kind refractory material has taken place of traditional phosphate combined high alumina brick and low cement castable gradually.
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