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Light Weight Refractory Castable


    Light weight refractory is made of refractory light aggregate and powder, binder and admixture. Generally speaking, castable whose volume density is lower than 1800kg per cubic meter and in spite of refractoriness, or whose total apparent porosity is more than 45% and linear change on reheating is smaller than 1.5% is called light weight refractory castable.
    Light weight refractory castable has features of low volume density, low thermal conductivity, so it has good thermal insulation performance. There are many kinds of light weight refractory castable, in general, it is classified by light aggregate variety, production method, bond type and performance level, etc. In which light weight refractory castable is mostly classified into light weight brick sand castable, porous chamotte, hollow spheres, and ceramic and expanded prelate light weight refractory castable.
    Energy shortage is the reality of the world now, so saving energy is an important task for all countries. In this situation, light weight refractory castable has achieved rapid development in the past, its variety has been expanded, its quality has been improved and its output has been increased. In the past, light weight refractory castable is only used to cast heat insulation layer of a furnace whose temperature is above 1000 DEG C, it cannot touch flame directly. Otherwise, now light weight refractory castable can be used for furnaces whose temperature is lower than 1800 DEG C, and further more some castables can be casted for working lining.
    Light weight refractory castable is widely used for industry kilns and thermotechnical equipment in industries such as metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electric power and building material industry, and has achieved good effects. For parts which directly touch molten metal or slag, also using light weight castable and has achieved good effects. Only for tundish, using heat insulating board.
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