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Knowledge of refractory castable


(1) The wear resistance value of 80 homogeneous refractory castables is 4.5cm3, and the alkali resistance grade is first class. It can be used in cement kilns with high temperature, harsh wear conditions or alkali erosion, such as tertiary air duct elbows , air valve, grate cooler low wall and throat, kiln door cover and other parts;

(2) 70 homogeneous refractory castable has high strength and thermal shock resistance of more than 15 times (1100 Celsius water cooling), which can be used in kiln door covers, grate coolers, decomposition furnaces and other parts;

(3) The wear resistance value of 60 homogeneous castable is 6.5cm3, which can be used in waste heat power generation equipment and parts that are easy to wear.

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