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Knowledge details should be paid attention on during the selection of refractory materials


    Selection of refractory materials needs to pay attention to the details of knowledge. High temperature industrial development cannot do without refractory material function, especially in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics, cement, petrochemical, machinery, boilers, light industry, electric power, military and other fields, is the basic material of an operation and technology industrial production, with each field of industry continue to increase, the demand quantity of refractory products is also gradually increasing, which requires every manufacturer increase the output, while at the same time ensuring the production quality of the product is the most critical, it is also the fundamental in all areas of normal operation. How to choose the appropriate refractory should be for the majority of the use of units? This is we have been very concerned about the problem; here we take a look at it.
    1. according to the structure, working characteristics and motion conditions of the furnace and the analysis of material damage reasons, in order to choose the appropriate refractory. Accurate understanding and grasp the temperature changes of all parts of the material, carefully observe the material to prevent by all kinds of destructive effects, such as: high temperature molten metal erosion.
    2. familiar with the material chemical composition and physical, work performance, so as to give full play to the characteristics of material.
    3. so that all parts of the furnace material reasonable match, in order to avoid the mutual damage at the same time between refractory material, but also take measures to ensure that the service life of the whole.
    4. basic principles in satisfying the conditions above, to solve the resource and cost as much as possible. Can choose prices and transport costs low material, at the same time, vigorously develop the recycling, reduce the cost of.
    The four questions above is each big unit using refractory selection needs to be considered, which can ensure the quality of products and reduce the cost, is a very good selection principle.
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