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Key work of Henan new high temperature material industry chain


Key points of complementary chain:
1. Do a good job in the development projects of high-grade bauxite, high-purity magnesia and high-quality silica ore, focus on the realization of automatic intelligent green production, do a good job in the comprehensive utilization of medium and low grade raw materials and post-use materials, and support the stable and healthy development of the industry.

2. Focusing on the development needs of high-temperature industry, national defense and new energy industry, condense common key projects to overcome technical bottlenecks of energy-saving and long-life series new refractories.

Key points of Strong chain:
1. Rely on raw material advantages, looking for strategic cooperation, the introduction of advanced technology and capital, the development of blast furnace, coke oven, ladle, cement kilns and other high temperature furnace lining with new material and new energy saving technology solutions, conquer military and strategic new industrial high temperature thermal protection materials bottlenecks, advance industrial clusters of features strong muscle strong bone, achieving high quality development.

2. We will guide and support enterprises to increase investment in smart equipment, build smart factories and digital workshops, and promote the integrated development of smart manufacturing technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, and blockchain with the development of new resistant materials industries.

Key points of Delay chain:
1. Guide the cultivation and construction of talents, technologies and supporting environments for the application of new refractory materials in the fields of high temperature and new technology development in military industry, and support the implementation of high temperature new materials and new technology projects.

2. Cultivate and introduce relevant automatic intelligent design and production and manufacturing enterprises, combine production, learning, research and use, do a good job in supporting equipment and personnel training, establish the "Henan standard" for green production of new refractory materials, promote the construction of our province to become the research design, production and manufacturing, information service center of new refractory materials in China.

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