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Introduction to the level classification of the ceramic proppant


Refractories Ceramic proppant is used for oil deposit, which can improve oil output evidently. When putting in the gap of rock formation, which can show high diversion quality and increase oil output.

According to different raw material , there are several different level products:

1, Bauxite ceramic proppant is made from high quality bauxite and coal ash, which holds high refractoriness, high pressure reisistance and strong diversion. Bauxite ceramic proppant is environment friendly product, which is the most popular proppant in the world.
2, Fly ash ceramic proppant is made from solid rejected material and then mixed with water and cementitious matter, whose size is more than 5mm.
3, Clay ceramic proppant, which is made from clay and burned .
4, Shale ceramic proppant is made from shale and slate, which divided into common ceramic proppant and spherosome ceramic proppant.

According to strength, and there are high strength and common ceramic proppant. According to density, there are high density, middle density and low density ceramic proppant. According to shape, and there are crushed stone ceramic proppant, spherosome ceramic proppant and cylindrical ceramic proppant.

Just tell us your requirements of ceramic proppant or other refractory material , we will be provided for you.

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