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Introduction of magnesia-chromite brick


    The main content of magnesia-chromite brick is MgO and Cr2O3, and main mineral facies are periclase and spinel. This brick has high refractoriness, high strength in high temperature, high resistance for basic slag, stable thermal stability. The raw materials of magnesia-chromite brick are magnesite clinker and chromite. The higher purity of magnesia sand, the better quality.
    The main application of magnesia-chromite brick is casting industry. Such as building roof of open-hearth furnace, EAF roof external refining furnace and other nonferrous metal casting furnace.
    Generally speaking, high temperature zone of ultra high power electric furnace lining need fused cast magnesite chrome brick; heavy eroded area of open-hearth furnace need synthetic material magnesia-chromite brick; nonferrous metal applied Flash furnace need fused cast magnesite chrome brick and synthetic material magnesia-chromite brick; firing zone of cement rotary kiln and checker chamber of glass kiln also need magnesia-chromite brick.
    Changxing Refractory has been majored in magnesia-chromite brick for more than 30 years, and which is mainly applied for cement rotary kiln. We not only provide products, but also design kiln for you.
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