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Introduction of continuous casting technology


Continuous casting technology is characterized by fast casting and focus investment, which was developing in a very fast speed from 1970s. At the first beginning, continuous casting only took 5.6% all over the world, while the data reached to 64.4% in the end of 21st century. And in some of the developed countries, it was even above 96%. In recent years, many steel plants adapted continuous casting technology instead of mould casting.

To compare with the traditional mould casting, continuous casting can improve metal recycle rate and low down power consumption. It can also make the melting work simple and short the melting time, in which way the production efficiency can improve in a large degree. Tundish is a middle progress of steel making, and it is the kep point which can decide continues casting or not. Furthermore, tundish would have a big effect on melten steel quantity and quality. Its functions are as following:

1.Diversion. For multi-strand continuous casting machine, the molten steel would be divided from tundish.
2.Continues casting. When multi-furnace continuous casting, tundish can be a holder when changing ladle.
3.Lowing down the pressure.
4.Protecting molten steel quality. Through using covering agent, long nozzle and other protecting device, tundish can help to protect the molten steel quality.

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