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Introduction of casting powder


1. Introduction
Casting powder is used in the continuous casting process.
It can prevent the steel surface longitudinal crack and leakage accident,adsorb the harmful inclusions and preventing molten steel from secondary oxidation, and avoid heat loss effectively.
It is a hollow particles,has good heat preservation , strong spread ability, and no harm to nozzle.

2. How to use it:
A. Not add it too much per time. But add some on average several times.
B. Ensure the melting steel in the crytallizer is evenly covered by refractory material casting powder every time.
C. Suitale thickness, avoid too thick or too thin layer. Consumption of it is about 0.4kg on average for 1 ton steel.
D. Stable surface of the melting steel.
E. Every 5-6 heats change the casting powder layer.

3. Application
A. Good melting property and steady quality.
B. Suitable for different casting conditions.
C. Can ensure no shell and flux strip in mold.
D. With even whip mark and without defect on the surface of casting blocks.

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