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Instructions of casting powder uses


In order to get good performance, casting powder uses should be properly. Sometimes problems caused by wrongfully using can be pinned on the quality of casting powder, which makes it even harder to distinguish the problem.

Here are some tips for casting powder uses:

1.Thickness control. Casting powder should be kept at a certain thickness in crystallizer. Normally, for square billets, it should be 20-50mm, for slab, it should be 40-60mm, for ultra thin slab, it should be 80-100mm. It is to make sure casting powder is evenly melted, liquid layer is comparatively stable, meanwhile a certain powder layer would be maintained for thermal insulation.
2.Feeding method. Casting powder should be evenly fed into crystallizer, which is particularly important for slab. The time between each feeding should be short, and each feeding should be with small quantity.
3.Change casting powder in time. Casting powder has the effect of absorbing subsidiaries, although liquid casting powder would be renewed with the consuming of casting powder, liquid casting powder layer would change with the lapse of time, so it is better to change the casting powder after around 5-6 heats of continuous casting.

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