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Increase refractory materials anti damage ability by changing using method


    How to use Refractory let it has anti damage ability? The development of matching with refractory material according to the clinker rotary kiln each work with the different mining conditions, in a targeted manner to configure different anti damage of refractory materials, and considering the basic matching problem of each work tape lining service life, reduce maintenance times to stop the kiln, each work with lining, reach namely damage resistance independent and phase the purpose of matching cycle. Lining material preheating zone selection of good chemical stability, alkali erosion leaf wax stone brick and strong, the high siliceous raw pyrophyllite with low alkali, alkali resistant bricks made of this raw material, whether or not to burn the Chengdu firing with alkali resistance strong, but the strength is high, nearly doubled than clay brick life.
    The completion of the industrial experiment stage in Krivoy Rog coking plants, coke oven masonry and recommended room three thermal repair methods: flame gunning; using oxygen to the ceramic welding; using the exothermic material (heating material) to repair. The process principle of common: with the help of heat generated to form a protective layer on the surface of refractory composite masonry mending surface.
    Flame gunning method of flame gunning refractory products, powder particles melt in the liquid or gaseous fuel flame, and was sent to the surface to be repaired. At this point the masonry was nozzle flame supplementary heating, so using this method may not have special restrictions on temperature is put forward in this paper, and can adopt refractory powder cheaper to obtain high-quality gunning layer. Principle of ceramic welding method is adding to the material of strong oxidant (exothermic material) - aluminum and silicon. Wind transport by means of oxygen jet flame method, oxidant and refractory powder to the surface to be repaired.
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