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How to prevent induction furnace from over overheating


Overheating in induction furnace is very harmful for lining, it will lower the service life of the lining, the following things should be kept in mind.

1.There should be smelter standing by the running furnace, during charging of scrap, the bigger ones might stuck at the upper level while the molten steel at the lower keep boiling, overheating could appear.

2.Charging of scrap should be continuous and in time, if it has to wait, please drop the power.

3.Sampling in time. If it is sampling time but the worker is not ready, please drop the power first and then increase it when the worker was ready.

4.Heat preservation. Please drop the power and lean the furnace to tapping side if it is tapping time but CCM is not ready or there is a malfunction.

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