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How to do lining construction


1.Lift the installed pneumatic vibrator into the forma, put it in the bottom, and then raise it by 50mm. Adjust the distance between the hammer head and the forma. With 30mm as the standard, ensure that the hammer head can effectively contact the inner lining of forma.

2.Turn on the gas valve for 30 seconds at low speed, then vibrate at full speed, and vibrate for 5 to 8 minutes for each 100mm increase until 300mm below the top of the furnace.

3. Furnace Heating Technique of Former Patching Lining
3a) Fully fill small and dense scrap materials into the furnace, and heat up at 100-200 celsius degree per hour.
3b) During melting, raise powers slowly to ensure crucible not break until it is full.
3c) Keep heat preservation for one hour at 1680-1700 celsius degree, detecting temperature once per 20 minutes.
3d) After sintering finished inside furnace, it can start to work.

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