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How to distinguish refractory refractoriness according to their raw material


    Refractory material is essential for industrial furnace lining materials, in the progress of science and technology, furnace generation upgrading, resulting in the production process of refractory brick also has been greatly improved, and these promotion focus on refractoriness, refractoriness, slag resistance, spalling resistance, at the same time, types and applications refractory materials also have multiple orientation change, different refractory, different materials, refractory material refractoriness is generally determined by the material.
    Most of the refractory component is composed of a variety of elements and composite materials, all kinds of material melting point are not the same, when the temperature reaches a certain degree, the first is the emergence of the liquid phase, as the temperature continues to rise and then completely fusion, which is a gradual process, and the so-called different material brick refers to difference of main content of brick for example, fireclay brick, most of its raw materials for the content of clay, high alumina brick refractory material, but also to the aluminum content to define high aluminum brick level, below, are some of the common brick refractory:
    1. clay brick: 1610 ~ 1750 degrees centigrade
    2. silica brick , 690 to 1730 degrees centigrade
    3. crystalline silica: 1730 ~ 1770 degrees centigrade
    4. hard clay: 1750 ~ 1770 degrees centigrade
    5. high alumina brick: > 1770 ~ 2000 degrees centigrade
    6. magnesia refractory bricks: > 2000 degrees centigrade
    7. dolomite brick: > 2000 degrees centigrade
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