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How to choose refractory materials


    Refractories can be divided into many kinds, when we try to choose refractory products, it is not always that the higher price the better, what matters is to choose the most suitable products, thus it can also help to save some money. Here are some suggestions for your reference given by professional engineers from Xinmi Changxing Refractory Co., Ltd.
    1. According to high-temperature kilns required refractoriness to buy: refractoriness of 1580-1770 degrees refractory to ordinary election, the degree of refractoriness need 1770-2000 election advanced refractory, refractoriness above 2000 degrees you need Select grade refractories.
    2. According to the chemical properties of high-temperature furnace to buy: There are three general, acidic refractories, neutral refractories, basic refractories, be sure to select the corresponding chemical properties of refractories, otherwise chemical changes occur at high temperatures, causing serious losses.
    3. According Uses Optional: Different different industries have need of refractories, refractory different position with different refractories, refractory steel with steel industry; non-ferrous metallurgical industry refractories. Refractory Petrochemical petrochemical industries. Glass kiln, cement kilns, ceramic kiln with silicate refractories; generating boiler power industry refractories; waste incineration with melting furnace refractories.
    4. According to pre-assemble the results to buy, under normal circumstances, we require manufacturers to provide pre-assemble refractory effect, which can calculate the required specifications and quantity of refractories. At the same time we must choose refractory samples provided by the manufacturer, so that by the time of delivery can be kind of receipt, to avoid shoddy version.
    5. Brand issues. Now thousands of refractories manufacturers, big and small. Although a number of high-profile manufacturers quality big problem, but inevitably there will be high risk, if not its better understanding or cooperation is difficult to have no previous affordable price. So you can find some of the specialized production of high visibility is not manufacturers, these manufacturers have also established very early, through the ISO certification, business licenses, etc., are guaranteed the same quality, they might get you to give the customers low price. So choose cost-effective is crucial.
    6. Service. The most important thing refractory bought aftermarket and warranty issues. So be sure to choose a good after-sales do provide professional technical advice, the best choice for professional and technical personnel to the scene can be personally guided vendor purchase. When determining the purchase generally need to pay a deposit, if it is convenient to go to the manufacturers should look at the way manufacturers look at the size, strength, and to avoid being defrauded false deposit.
    Xinmi Changxing Refractory Co., Ltd. provides top-quality products and services to warmly welcome worldwide friends to visit our company for guidance and business negotiations.
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