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How to cast alkali - resistant castable


Alkali castable refractory refractory material is the best resistance to alkaline corrosion properties of unshaped refractories, can be in the rotary kiln kiln, the shape of complex furnace lining pouring use.

Alkali castable casting method can be cast plastic molding method, because the alkali castable material has good mobility, so the most suitable for this method, the plastic molding method is a water content of 18% or more of the plastic Of an alkali resistant castable. Usually prefabricated billets into the squeeze into the mud equipment, squeeze into the mud, then apply cutting equipment for cutting into blocks, according to the required size made of barren blank, the blank blank to be pressed, so that the body has a specified size And shape. Plastic molding method is used to produce large or particularly complex alkali castable products.

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