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Grade and characteristics of high alumina brick


Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) content higher than 48% of alumina silicate refractory products. An alumina content of more than 48% of a neutral refractory material. Slag resistance good for masonry furnace, glass furnaces, cement rotary kiln, etc. lining.

Alumina bricks is a refractory material, the main ingredient of such a refractory brick is AL2O3. Such as Al2O3 content higher than 90%, called corundum brick. Due to the different resources, national standards are not entirely consistent. European countries such as high alumina refractories prescribed limit of 42% Al2O3 content. In China, according to the high alumina bricks Al2O3 content is usually divided into three classes: 1, Grade __Al2O3 content> 75%; 2, Grade __Al2O3 content as the 60 ~ 75%; 3, Grade __Al2O3 content of 48 to 60%.

Soft high load, low creep high alumina brick is a premium alumina, fused alumina, fused mullite refractory materials as the main raw material. The product has a small temperature creep, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, etc. It is suitable for large and medium-sized stove, it is required for our new high-quality stove, imports of high-grade refractory localization open next Road to Success.

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