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Future develop and market demand for refractory aluminum industry


Developing green refractories strategy is a important strategy related to current and future development of the refractory industry for sustainable development. In recent years, relevant departments and industry associations developed a series of corresponding policies and measures to develop green refractories.

Refractories industry "two high", the proportion of raw material cost accounts higher than 50%, gross margin higher than 30%, far higher than the general manufacturing enterprises. The main reason is the refractory industry has a relatively high technical requirements. And downstream companies need a stable quality assurance in order to protect the continuity,stability and security of their production.

First Industry trend: refractory industry merger integration is an inevitable trend; Second industry trend: Due to energy needs,recently there is a significant trend of using high-grade to replace low-grade products is good to companies with good technology and excellent product; Industry trend three: Significant trend of overall contact in the field of steel production with high frequency of replacement. Overall contractor contribute to cost reduction and strong guarantee for steel production;Industry trend four: expansion of overseas markets, pursuit of further development.

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