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Function and application of refractory long nozzle


In order to avoid oxidation and splash, when the molten steel is casting from ladle to tundish, we usually install long nozzle on the lower part of the slide gate at the bottom of ladle. One end is connected with lower nozzle. The other end inserts the molten steel in the ladle to seal and protect the casting. The function of long nozzle is as below :

1)To prevent the oxidation of molten steel two times, improving the quality of steel.
2)To reduce the deposition of oxidation products that is easy to oxidize in the inner wall of the nozzle, extending the service life.
3)Long nozzle can be used many times, reducing the consumption of refractories.

Refractory long nozzle have many properties.
1)Excellent thermal shock resistance.
2)Good mechanical properties and anti vibration ability.
3)Good corrosion resistance of molten steel and slag.
4)The edge must be with the gas sealing device. Long nozzle refractory material generally have fused quartz material and aluminum carbon material.

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