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Factors that affect the service life of induction furnace lining


1.Lining thickness. As the thickness of lining goes up, the service life will be longer.

2.Tightness of lining. Normally we use puematic tamper for lining, some customers do lining manually, tightness of lining is not so good, so the service life is shorter.

3.Tapping temperature. High tapping temperature leads to short service life.

4.The sintering by the first heat is also critical for a good lining.

5.Scrape quality. If the quality of scrape is bad, it will cause more slag, which is bad for lining.

6.Scrape feeding method. Rough feeding will hurt the lining.

7.Melting time. Normally the melting time is around 1.5 hours, if longer, the service life will be shorter.

8.Try not to use iron scale for decarborization, it is very harmful for the furnace lining material.

9.Remaining thickness and ending frequency. Some customers has certain limits on this two factors, our recommendation is to listen to experienced workers.

10.Lining thickness at slag zone. Different steel plant has different working condition, so the slag zone is not the same, it is better to adjust the thickness at slag zone to increase the service life.

11.Melting better be continuous. If it is not, lining could be break by the force of thermal shock.

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