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Factors affecting service life of converter


Factors that affect converter life:

1. Composition of slag. For every 1% increase in iron oxide, the service life of the lining is reduced by 18-20 times; the higher the MgO content in the slag, the lower the erosion of the lining. At present, the iron oxide content of slag is 18-24%.

2. Tapping temperature. The higher the tapping temperature, the shorter the service life. Therefore, the tapping temperature of the converter should be properly controlled.

3. Smelting time. Long smelting time, will speed the erosion of the lining up.

4. Lining structure. As the various parts of the converter are in different damage conditions, so it should adopt the integrated masonry method.

5. Furnace maintenance. For back and forth, regularly repair with hot self-flow repair materials.

6. Influence of converter blowing. Nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, argon or oxygen are blown into the furnace through the purging plug placed at the bottom of the converter to enhance the mixing of the molten pool, thus shortening the steel making time, improving the quality of molten steel and reducing the cost of steel making. But the blown also speed the erosion of refractory materials up, resulting in increased consumption of refractory materials.

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