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Elements which effect Lining Performance(2)


While controlling the excessively high smelting temperature as much as possible, do not have a long-term high temperature or heat preservation waiting for pouring. Excessive temperature will not only cause the alloy to burn, but also damage the furnace wall, and increase energy consumption.

5. Melting material
The newly laid furnace lining, the furnace wall has not yet been fully sintered, the first few furnaces should choose cleaner metal materials, try to avoid complex composition, rust, oily materials, especially oil-impregnated scrap iron. Materials with a low melting point and good fluidity will intensify the penetration of the furnace wall. Materials with a high melting point require a higher temperature, which will damage the life of the furnace lining. It should be arranged in the middle and late smelting process.

6. Melting operation
It is necessary to comply with the contents of the precautions for the smelting process of the intermediate frequency furnace, which plays a very important role in improving the lining life of the intermediate frequency furnace. On the other hand, the density of the metal charge is directly related to the melting speed of the charge. In order to quickly heat and melt, the charge must be tight, but it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of "bridging" during the melting process, so that the lower part has been melted. The overheating of the molten metal will cause the molten metal to inhale gas and increase the burning loss of alloy elements, prolong the melting time, and severe eddy current will seriously erode the furnace wall.

7.Slag pH
The metal material added to the furnace will bring in various oxides, and the slag composition of different materials and different heats is not the same. Most of the various oxides, carbides, sulfides and various forms of composite compounds in the slag will chemically react with the furnace lining to form new compounds with different melting points. The low melting point slag has excellent fluidity, which may act as a flux and cause severe chemical attack on the furnace lining, thereby shortening the service life of the furnace lining. The mutual melting between the high melting point slag and the low melting point slag suspended in the molten metal makes these slag easily adhere to the furnace wall and form accumulation, causing serious sticking slag, affecting the power, melting rate and capacity of the electric furnace , Until the lining life.

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