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Electric furnace top refractory


High alumina bricks are generally used for the top of electric arc furnace, and the alumina content is between 75% - 85%. Compared with silica bricks, high alumina bricks are characterized by high fire resistance, good thermal shock resistance and high compressive strength. Due to the rich bauxite resources in China, high alumina brick has become the main refractory for electric arc furnace top, and its service life is about 2-3 times that of silicon brick furnace top. With the development of large-scale ultra-high power electric furnace, the service life of high aluminum brick is also declining, resulting in the further use of alkaline bricks such as fired or unburned magnesia brick and magnesia chrome brick. Compared with ordinary masonry furnace roof, it has the advantages of convenient construction, good integrity, strong resistance to arc radiation, quench and heat resistance, etc.

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