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EAF roof damage mechanism and applicated refractory materials


EAF Roof is a spherical structure with electrode hole and smoke output hole. Out part is called main roof, and the mid part is called small roof (also called triangle). When loading raw material, the roof can be removed. EAF process is extremely complex, triangle preform conditions are very harsh. Mainly by the electrode arc radiation, thermal shock, high-speed air stream of molten steel and slag chemical formed when the invasion of the impact of a comprehensive business impact and abrasion lid unreasonable structure and other factors.

EAF roof was constructed with silicate bricks first. Since the late 1960s, high alumina materials began to be widely applicated in EAF roof since the beginning of the trial, because of its high refractoriness, high temperature erosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance superior to silicate bricks. After 90 years, all water-cooled roof technology widely used, in order to reduce the shutdown time and labor intensity, the electrodes triangle parts are commonly used with high alumina or corundum with steel fiber refractory castable prefabricated EAF roof. In steel plants where owater-cooled roof are not applicated, of the electrode triangle is still applicated with phosphate (mainly aluminum phosphate) in combination firing or not firing high aluminum materials.

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