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Different Types of Sliding Mechanism Used for Ladle Furnace


    As a refractory factory, We Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Material Co,. Ltd supply various types sliding mechanism for ladle furnace. Now we would like share with you as follows.
    Generally speaking, there are two types of sliding mechanism: Manpower and Hydraulic pressure.
    1. Manpower
a. C40 used for ladle with capacity of 10-30 tons
b. B50 for 20-30 tons
c. B60 for 40-50 tons
    2. Hydraulic pressure
d. 250 for 20-30 tons
e. 310 for 40-60 tons
f. 359 for 50-80 tons
g. 400 for 60-100 tons
h. 459 for 80-150 tons
    Apart from sliding mechanism, we manufacture ladle nozzle and slide gate plate as well, customized size are acceptable, welcome for inquiry!
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