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Differences between Silica Ramming Mass Produced by Indian Market and Changxing Refractory


    After communicating with customers from different countries, we noticed some differences between silica ramming mass produced by Indian market and us, listed as follow:
1. The silica ramming mass supplied from Indian market is normally only in powder form, while ours are powder and grains.
2. During ramming work, the silica ramming mass from Indian market needs big vibrator, and ours needs small, convenient pneumatic rammer or tamper.
3. Indian silica ramming mass needs disposable mould, ours can use usable mould, which is more cost-efficient.
4. As to the sintering time, it normally takes a couple of hours to sinter India silica ramming mass, but it only take 40 minutes to sinter ours.
5. The service life of Indian silica ramming mass is normally between 10-20 heats, we guarantee at least 25 heats, some of our customers even used up to 40 heats.
    If you have any doubts about Changxing Refractory silica ramming mass which is also called Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace Lining Material, please feel free to contact us!
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