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Development of ladle lining refractory materials


20th Century 50--70 years, China's steel plants mainly used aluminosilicate refractory materials, including clay, alumina brick and so on. Since the 1980s, China has successively developed the aluminum-magnesium carbon, coal quality calcium and magnesium and other several series of new steel package refractories. Wherein the aluminum-magnesium carbon refractory materials are of varieties, all specifications, is China's major ladle refractories.

In earliest 20th Century 50--60 years, a variety of clay bricks were mainly used in our country. Due to low cost, until the 1980s, some steel plants were using clay bricks as ladle lining material. Although clay bricks is no longer used as ladle material so far, it had made a great countribution for recovery and future development of China's steel industry in the early days.

With the continuous development of steelmaking technology, steel quatity and quantity, clay bricks was no longer used because of short service life. Some of our mills started using a variety of high alumina bricks as ladle lining material, in which way the ladle life got a greatly improvement.

With the continuous improvement of steelmaking technology, high aluminum ramming mass, wax brick, alumina magnesia, aluminum-magnesium casting material, aluminum-magnesium unfired brick, aluminum-magnesium spinel castable, aluminum MgO-C, magnesium aluminate spinel brick, aluminum-magnesium unfired brick and a series of high-grade refractory materials appeared to adapt to higher demand.

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