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Development of electric arc furnace steelmaking technology in the world 1


In recent years, the world's electric arc furnace steelmaking technology has made many advances, forming a scientific modern electric arc furnace smelting process, mainly:

1. Diversified raw materials

The variety of raw materials for EAF steelmaking, such as molten iron, iron carbide, DRI / HBI, etc. With the gradual increase in the types of raw materials and the gradual improvement of the raw material structure, the adaptability of the electric arc furnace to the raw materials has been greatly improved, the residues in the scrap steel are better diluted, and the quality of the molten steel is greatly improved. In addition, the diversification of EAF raw materials has also expanded the range of EAF products.

2. Rationalization of power supply

Today's steel-making electric arc furnaces have gradually developed from AC furnaces to ultra-high-power, high-impedance AC furnaces and DC furnaces, making the steel-making process tend to operate with low current and long arcs. In this way, the input power is increased, the smelting rate is accelerated, the smelting period is shortened, the electrode consumption is reduced, and at the same time, the influence of noise can be reduced.

3. Diversified energy

The use of various forms of energy in the steelmaking process can effectively reduce electrical energy consumption. At present, the commonly used energy supply forms include mechanical oxygen carbon gun, secondary combustion, furnace wall oxygen burner, bottom blowing and so on. These functional forms can enhance the input intensity while further improving the smelting efficiency.

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