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Description of running clay


Running clay is made based on low cement and super low cement castable, which is made from refractory aggregate material, powder material and dispersing agent. When using the running clay does not need to vibrate and only with water will flow by itself, so which is very suitable to used in furnace complicated depart.

When using running clay, and you should pay attention to following items
1, if the clay have bulk inside, and please stop to use it
2, it is better to mix 1-2 mins when mixing in beater
3, the added water should be 8.0-10% content of running clay.
4, when adding water, at first add 90% of formulary water content, and then mix 1-2mins. Later adding 10% water , and then mix 2-3mins.
5, the running clay should be run out within 30 mins after mixing with water. If the clay already concreted, and which should be abandon.

There are several different kinds running clay in our factory, such as high alumina running clay, corundum spinel running clay, chrome spinel running clay. Please tell us you required specification or application of it, and exactly recommendation will be provided for you.

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