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Damage to the refractory lining of AOD furnace


The mechanical wear and erosion of each lining area of the AOD furnace is different. In general, the main wear and erosion of the refractory lining is as follows:

1. Erosion due to decarburization and greatly reduced slag basicity;
2. Erosion of two vortexes encountered in the tuyere area;
3. Thermal shock caused by temperature changes throughout the smelting process;
4. Erosion due to chemical reaction with strong reducing agent and combustion agent (Si, Al).

In addition, the high corrosion area is slag zone area of AOD furnace, especially the trunnion position, which is always in contact with the molten slag. If the alkalinity of the slag is low, while the vortex washes, the damage caused by chemical attack also occurs.

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