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Damage Mechanism of Converter Lining (2)


Slag line part: long-term contact with molten slag is a severe part of slag erosion. The slag line on the tapping side changes with the tapping time, and the damage is not obvious enough; but on the slagging side, due to the strong slag erosion effect and other effects on the converter abdomen during the blowing process, the erosion is more serious. Therefore, magnesia carbon bricks with high corrosion resistance should be used.

Molten pool part: Although it is eroded by molten steel during the blowing process, the damage is lighter than other parts. Moreover, the slag splashing operation of the converter often causes the bottom of the converter to rise, so the converter bath can be Use ordinary MgO-C bricks.

Tap hole part: The tap hole is affected by the erosion and erosion of high temperature molten steel and slag, as well as the rapid change of temperature, and the damage is serious. Therefore, the magnesia carbon brick with good erosion resistance and high oxidation resistance should be built. Use integral magnesia-carbon bricks or combined magnesia-carbon bricks, and need to be repaired or replaced after a certain number of uses.

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