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Customhouse Assistance International Freight Transport Between Zhengzhou China and Hamburg, Germany has been put into operation


    The International freight 80601 train drove to Germany from Zhengzhou, China on July 18th 2013, which indicate that another freight transport thoroughfare from Zhengzhou, China to European has been able to put into operation safely. In order to make sure safety of the first train, Zhengzhou customhouse organized a working group to carry out scheme accordingly to make sure propitious teamwork. The stared processes of clearance and and holiday inspection on time, which accelerate speed of clearance testing. There were six different kinds of goods carried in the train, which included tyre, Industrial yarn, brown alumina, shoes,, cloth and curtain, and they were packed in thirty-one 40feet containers and twenty 20feet containers. The quantity of shipments is 665.37 tons, which worth one million five hundred and eighteen thousand eight hundred dollars. The train destination in China is Alataw Pass in Xinjiang, whose costing time is 20 hours shorter compared with traditional railway freight transport. Such a journey passes five countries after departing from Alataw Pass in China, which includes Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and finally droved to Hamburg, Germany. The whole journey totally with 10214 kilometers, which includes two times of customed transmits and trajectory changing. The whole time from Zhengzhou, China to Hamburg, Germany is 16-18 days, which is 20 days shorter compared with sea transportation, saving 80% cost compared with air transport, and saving 2000-3000 yuan per container compared highway transportation.
    European Union is the second large international trading market. According to statistics, Henan province importing amount to European Union is 182 million dollars, and exporting amount is 660 million dollars.
    Zhengzhou supervision of the customs clearance section chief said: in order to make journey convenient, Zhengzhou customhouse and Urumqi customhouse has signed an agreement, which make a direct service for Zhengzhou and European international freight transport, and goods do not need other checking. In the other words, after being checked in Zhengzhou customhouse, goods do not need any other checking until reach Alataw Pass, and customs port will not do any checking either.
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