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Continuous smelting and repair of induction furnace


Induction Furnace Lining Material

1.Continuous furnace
To reduce the repeated heat that caused by quenching furnace lining cracking, continuous smelting is very important for the extension of lining service life, it has caused attention of many users. If can not continuous use, intermediate frequency furnace in after a single use, want to join metals in furnace burden, and cover the furnace cover, it can not only give metal furnace material preheating, also can prevent the lining cracks caused by rapid cooling.

2.The Repair
(1) The intermediate frequency furnace reach to 20 heats then need to tear down all of my throat opening, purpose is to check whether the furnace lining is drill iron, also check the dry lining loosening clearance. To repair the oven, it is best to use high metal front ring, and pay special attention to the old and new interface cleaned up. During the next furnace operation, it should open first time below the fettling interface.
(2) The furnace mouth and throat opening is often slagging, impact erosion and burden, it need constant maintenance and repair, to ensure the normal dimensions of intermediate frequency furnace.

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