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Classification of tundish refractories


The refractory materials used in tundish can be divided into three categories in terms of function:

The first type is the lining material, which is mainly composed of thermal insulation layer, permanent layer and working layer;

The second type is flow stabilizing components, including retaining weir, retaining wall, ceramic filter, flow stabilizer, etc;

The third type is the flow control part, including plug rod, sliding nozzle, sizing nozzle and intrusive nozzle.

The key functional refractories for continuous casting, such as intrusive nozzle, long nozzle, integral stopper, sizing nozzle and sliding nozzle, are the main factors restricting the service life of continuous casting system.

The function of long nozzle and intrusive nozzle is to transport molten steel from steel trough to tundish and tundish to crystallizer, so as to ensure that molten steel will not undergo secondary oxidation and prevent slag from being involved. The integral stopper has good sealing performance and the automatic technology of stopper control steel flow. In a period of time, the technology of sliding nozzle and integral stopper control steel flow in tundish has developed rapidly.

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