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Choice of submerged entry nozzle


The submerged entry nozzle with a side hole has a shallow immersion depth, which is beneficial to promote the floating separation of gas and inclusions; however, if the immersion depth is too shallow, it will cause the crystallizer liquid surface to violently tumbling, resulting in a protective slag on the crystallizer liquid surface entrapped in molten steel. The immersion depth of the straight-pore nozzle injection flow is large, and the possibility of inclusions being caught by the solidified shell becomes large; however, if the immersion depth is too large, it is not easy for the gas and the inclusions to float. Therefore, the appropriate submerged entry nozzle shape should be selected according to the size of the casting section and the casting speed. When casting slabs and square billets, side hole nozzles with different outlet angles are generally used; and when pouring small section billets, straight hole downward submerged entry nozzle are generally used.

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