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Characters of refractory material applied for reheating furnace


The masonry of reheating furnace and other high temperature equipment in metallurgical casting plant is mainly done with refractory materials, and its refractory consumption in metallurgical industry accounts for 60-70% among the total refractory production amount. The performance of refractory material makes a big difference when it comes to the production cost. Therefore, User need to pay particular attention for choosing suitable and qualified refractory products. Now we would like to make a short introduction about performance requirements of refractories used in reheating furnace.

1)The refractory material can not be softened or become melting when applied under high temperature, which means it should has a certain refractoriness(not lower than 1580 Centigrade).
2)It owns stable structure performance, which can enable itself withstand load and stress during the operation, does not lose structural strength at high temperatures.
3)It needs to have high volume stability under at high temperature. Otherwise, excessive expansion and shrinkage cracks will occur.
4)It will not crack down when the temperature changes rapidely.
5)Strong erosion resistance ability against melting metal, slag, iron oxide skin, gas. In a word, it must has chemical stability.
6)It is of good wear high thermal shock resistance.

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