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Characters of AOD furnace and related refractory materials


AOD furnace is widely used for stainless-steel-making industries. It is characterized as following,
1.High melting temperature; Long melt time and big temperature changing range.
2.Heavy slag erosion.
3.Terrible air flow & molten steel for lining.

According to above conditions, AOD has a serious requirement on related refractory materials. In addition, considering the requirement in stainless-steel-making procedure, related refractories should have specifications as following,
1.High refractoriness
2.Good slag-erosion resistance
3.Good thermal shock resistance
4.Good ability to pure molten steel

Mg-Ca bricks is mainly made from MgO and CaO, both of which has a high refractories. Furthermore, Mg-Ca bricks has a high erosion resistance. Therefore, Mg-Ca bricks are widely applicated as AOD lining materials.

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