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Changxing Refractory is Blooming in Bangladeshi Refractory Market


    Under the joint efforts of Changxing people, Changxing Refractory has successfully opened the refractory market in Bangladesh.
    Among various kinds of refractory products which have been exported to Bangladesh, acid ramming mix performs very well there. When our customer was using the ramming mix made by his previous supplier, it is said that it can reach 7-12 heats. While once they begin to use acid ramming mix made by Changxing Refractory, our customer said it can reach as many as 28 heats, and it is possible that it will reach more heats.
    Now as Changxing Refractory sales managers visiting Bangladesh frequently, we are now discussing cooperation details with about three steel plants. And now Changxing engineers are also in Bangladesh to help our customers to build furnaces in order to improve the heats.
    Changxing Refractory will not let you down if you choose us, either on product quality or on customer services.
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