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Causes of iron swing runners castable damage


Most of the molten iron swing runners use Al2O3-SiC-C refractory castables. The main methods of damage are:

1) The mechanical impact of molten iron is damaged. In the early stage of use, the swinging trough is not fired at a high temperature. The strength of the castable is low, and the ability to resist high temperature and high speed hot metal impact is weak, resulting in faster material erosion and early damage. Main form

2) Oxidation damage, due to the intermittent operation of the oscillating runner, the upper part of the oscillating flow tank is in the air for a long time and the bottom is periodically exposed to the air, so that the SiC and C components of the system material are especially C component Easy to be oxidized, resulting in loose material structure and reduced strength;

3) Strong thermal shock damage, due to the periodic shock of the oscillating flow cell, the material structure is loose, the strength is reduced, and the damage is accelerated.

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