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Cause and prevention method of refractory brick burst


    Refractory brick burst occurs when experiencing thermal shock, the simple reason there is expansion and contraction, and the reason is prone to burst firebrick type as follows:
    A) The refractory brick is composed of mineral quartz, tridymite, cristobalite composition, the temperature change is accompanied by a transformation of the crystalline form of the quartz, resulting mutations volume, thermal shock so that the refractory bricks easily burst.
    Magnesia or magnesia-chrome brick, due to the thermal expansion coefficient, thermal firebrick burst prevention.
    A) The use of insulating firebrick, insulating firebrick with insulation due to the role of firebrick inside low stability, not easy to burst.
    B) To avoid thermal shock, slow heating and cooling can be effective in preventing refractory bricks burst.
    C) Select the heat transfer coefficient is relatively high, toughness good bricks, can reduce the probability of bursting.
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