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Brief introduction of tundish


The tundish is a refractory vessel used in short-process steel that receives molten steel from the ladle and is then distributed to the crystallizers by the tundish. Tundish is the steel production process of the intermediate links, and it is by batch operation to continuous operation of the join point, as tundish metallurgy reactor is one of the important link, improve the quality of steel production and for continuous casting operation smoothly, and to ensure the quality of liquid steel composite demand, the function of tundish is can not be ignored, the effect of tundish mainly include the following:

(1) For multiflow continuous casting machine, the liquid steel is divided by the multiflow tundish;

(2) Continuous casting. In multi-furnace continuous casting, the liquid steel stored in tundish plays a connecting role in changing the steel barrel;

(3) Reducing pressure, the height of liquid level in the container is 5-6m, with a great impact force, and the range of change in the casting process is also very large. The height of liquid level in the tundish is lower than that in the container, and the range of change is also small, which can be used to stabilize the molten steel casting process and reduce the erosion of steel flow on the solidified shell of mold.

(4) Protective effect, through the tunette night surface covering agent, long nozzle and other protective devices, reduce the tunette steel liquid from the outside pollution.

(5) Impurity removal. Tundish, as the last refractories container passed by the liquid steel before solidification, has an important influence on the quality of the steel, and the non-metallic impurity particles in the steel should be discharged in the liquid state as far as possible.

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